Search Marketing Agency

Why Use a Search Marketing Agency

Employing experienced professionals to send hoards of targeted web visitors to your website is essential if you want to make the absolute most of your presence on the web. Statistics now show that one in every four pounds spent by the population of Ireland, UK and South Africa is spent online, so it is essential that you are targeting your visitors effectively, hiring a search marketing agency will do just that.

Google have recently achieved the status as the number one advertising network reach in the world, overtaking television, radio and print advertising. It has been confirmed that with Google’s search and display advertising network a company can reach over 90% of internet users. This is why The Search Marketing Shop only employs experts in Google’s advertising system; we are an agency that is dedicated to assigning the most knowledgeable staff to all client accounts.

The Search Marketing Shop are a dedicated search marketing agency, we strive to bring out the full potential of your website, increasing your turnover and profits in the process. For more information on what we offer, please feel free to contact us.


Who would be likely to use a Search Marketing Agency?

The people most likely to use a search marketing agency are business owners, marketing directors, general managers and advertising executives. Although we find that the majority of people who come through to us are small to medium sized business owners, we also work very effectively with marketing directors and advertising teams in order to find a viable and effective solution for a service or product that is being worked on. In most cases with advertising teams they come to our agency in order to gain that specialist edge to add to what they are already doing and they never fail to impress their peers.

When a client comes on board with The Search Marketing Shop, they have an extra team/agency with that individual knowledge doing everything they possibly can in order to ensure their marketing campaign is a success.


Benefits of Using a Search Marketing Agency


Listed below are some of the benefits of using a search marketing agency such as The Search Marketing Shop:

*Concentrate on dealing with your enquiries knowing a professional search marketing agency is working for you.
*Increase your turnover
*Gain new clients who would not have heard of you previously.
*Benefit from specialist knowledge
*Benefit from the latest information and applications from a constantly changing field.
*Have your own specialist account manager, dedicated to optimising your marketing strategy.